The SLC is the start of a revolution in
the schooling education space!
The SLC (School Leaver Certificate) is a 10 year matric designed for those students that had to drop out of school through no fault of their own or cannot continue in the traditional schooling system due to their circumstances. Moreover, it is two years shorter and focuses on helping the millions of uneducated young people from ages 13 to 35 that cannot find work as they are uneducated and or have the wrong skills or education to get ahead. It is also for those students that simply want to study more practical and relevant subjects that belong in today’s world.
Two of the biggest problems facing Africa today are education and jobs.
We have the solution.
The solution has arrived! The School Leaver Certificate is the ultimate disruptor that will reinvent the schooling education system!

To better understand the problem and why our solution is needed,

The school education system is so dysfunctional that it produces people without adequate levels of preparedness for the real world, and it leaves millions out of the schooling system that left or dropped out and cannot re-enter the system to complete their schooling. The tertiary or college system fares a little better as many colleges are private, however they can only work with semi literate students that have been “pushed” through the schooling system, plus denying them entrance or failing them won’t help their financial sustainability, as after all they are businesses that need students to survive. Also, they, as with the schools, all have to adhere to Government accredited curricula that keep on churning out students with diplomas that don’t really equip students with what they need.
We conclude that the only way to offer what the market needs, is to deliver solutions that operate outside the ambit and control of the very legislators that are stifling innovation and enterprises from delivering what the market actually needs. In other words, you cannot solve the problem by partnering with the problem. It therefore requires us to remove ourselves from governmental control and deliver services online to Africans from abroad. We contend that no African registered college or school can offer the required solutions due to restraints placed upon them by the current legislation in those African countries. Therefore, a solution has to be imported. That’s where we come in.
This will allow us to deliver education in an unconstrained manner without government stifling bureaucracy and non sensical regulations. Why? The SLC (School Leaver Certificate) is designed to give you practical education that you need to better your life. The current schooling system in Africa offers you many, many subjects and topics that don’t equip you with the skills that you and all students need. In the SLC (School Leaver Certificate) curriculum there is no History, no Geography, no Biology, no Trigonometry, no English Literature, etc. as these subjects can be studied by you after hours in your own time via the internet should you wish. They are nice to have, but don’t help equip you with the skills you need to succeed and most importantly, earn a living.
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The School Leaver Certificate (SLC) aims to give students what they need, and discards what they don’t.

In addition, we combine the delivery of more relevant education with a business opportunity which give students and resellers an opportunity to create their own jobs and have their own businesses. This allows students to either educate themselves for free or to build a meaningful income via their own business.

Gives students what they need, and discards what they don’t.

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The SLC or School Leaver Certificate is issued by the Academic Committee of Velocity Corporation Limited, a non South African company that has a track record of more than twenty years of successfully delivering quality academic courses and curricula to students in numerous African countries.
The SLC is a high school graduation equivalency certificate that is conferred upon successful students that have passed the required assessments. The SLC (School Leaver Certificate) is issued as a final school leaver equivalent.

Note that we speak of assessments and not exams. Exams belong in the last century and are not fit for today’s modern world. Why? In the real world of work and being an adult, you don’t write highly stressful exams at the end of the year or twice per year to assess whether you remember what you learnt months ago? Instead, in the working world you are tested daily and weekly regarding what you have just learnt, and then the next week you are tested on what you just learnt before that.

Therefore, continuous assessment is the way real life works and that is why we only test via continuous assessments throughout the year, as your studying needs to mirror what you will find in the adult working world. To summarize, there are no major, final year end exams; where did you ever see that taking place in an adult working environment?

The SLC certification is designed for students that do not necessarily wish to enter university (even though they still can) but rather may -

We have developed our own schooling curriculum from grade 5 through to high school graduation. The medium of instruction is English only, and no second language is offered. In essence, the curriculum is similar to the curriculum currently used in schools except all the unnecessary subjects such as History and Geography have been removed, and replaced with more practical, relevant subjects.


The SLC is accredited by the most important person, YOU! You will decide whether it offers value and will therefore continue with the journey to acquire it. If you asked a typical school student how relevant they thought their schooling curriculum was to their future, what do you think they would say? Would their comments be positive? The School Leaver Certificate is not directly accredited by any government, as its aims and objectives do not conform nor align with what they currently accredit, as anyone can see that the curricula out there are not giving millions of Africans what they really need in terms of schooling education. However, governmental accreditation is given if additional courses are taken. See below for details.