Self Education Via Your Cellphone


Two of the biggest problems facing Africa today are education and jobs. We have the solution.

Pocket Classrooms is the ultimate disruptor that will reinvent the schooling education system!

Pocket Classrooms offers cellphone based schooling worldwide, with its main focus being on English speaking African countries. Pocket Classrooms is designed for those students that cannot continue in the traditional schooling system due to their circumstances. It is two years shorter and focuses on helping the millions of uneducated or unemployed young people from the ages of 15 to 35 that cannot find work as they are uneducated and or have the wrong skills or education to get ahead. It is also for those students that simply want to study more practical and relevant subjects that belong in today’s world.

Our curriculum is unlike other education systems that focus on memorizing facts, as we focus on teaching students to learn to think and solve problems. Our educational offering is also combined with an optional business opportunity to help students develop an income that can replace scarce traditional jobs and not only allow them to educate themselves for free but to also earn a living and be financially independent.

Welcome to a revolution in the schooling education space!

We empower disadvantaged communities so they can complete high school, study farther if
they wish, and can earn a decent living by sharing Pocket Classrooms with others

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Pocket Classrooms only offers schooling until high school graduation, however via our affiliate Velocity College, you can study any number of short tertiary courses that are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Velocity College will accept and accredits your School Leaver Certificate for entry into any of its courses. You can visit their website by clicking here.