This page supplies information about the Providers of educational content to Pocket Classrooms. Each provider is independent and offers their content via the systems provided by Pocket Classrooms.

Learning English plus the schooling curriculum and related academic content. These are provided by Velocity Corporation, a business that has been delivering academic online schooling excellence since 2011. All content has been refined and improved upon year after year to ensure students get the best academic content available anywhere.

The schooling curriculum is aligned with the South African CAPS syllabus from grades 5 – 9 and thereafter the American GED school leavers curriculum for an additional two years, which has been divided up into two levels, namely GED 1 and GED 2. Students are prepared to take the final GED exams offered at centres throughout South Africa if they wish to obtain the GED certificate, which is issued by the State of Maine’s education dept. in the USA (If you wish to obtain this certification, an extra fee is payable directly to your nearest GED testing centre). If students do not feel it necessary to obtain the GED certificate, they can continue with their tertiary studies via an affiliated college by passing the Pocket Classrooms Internal GED Equivalency Exam at the end of their GED 2 year. In this instance, students will not be issued with a certificate by Pocket Classrooms. If they obtain 65{67917800b67e6937ac117166ad13c904728d024006438d521cba872fcb10668f} and above for their internal final exam with Pocket Classrooms, they will qualify for admission to any of the tertiary short courses offered. If a student completes two short tertiary courses, they qualify for admission to any of the tertiary accredited courses.

RIMS Group

About RIMS (Rand International Management & Training Consultant)

Rims is a registered skills development provider accredited with the Service Seta for a wide range of innovative and relevant higher education as well as FET qualifications, targeting school leavers between NQF L1 – L4, and those wishing to further advance to  NQF L5. We have successfully offered tertiary courses to 35000 students throughout South Africa over the last 21yrs.
Rims Accreditation:
SSETA Accreditation Nr 0923
Reg Number: 2007/016598/07 – Converted to CC: 1991/004252/23.
RIMS is further accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

As an organization active in people development, we have successfully delivered the following Qualifications;

  • National Certificate in Business Administration  NQF L 3
  • National Certificate: Management and Administration NQF L 4
  • National Certificate: Management NQF L 4
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Project Management NQF L 4
  • National Certificate New Venture Creation (SMME) NQF L 4
  • National Certificate in Call Centre Support L2 and L3
  • National Certificate: Beauty Technology NQF L 4 & 5
  • National Certificate: Hairdressing NQF L 2,3 & 4
  • National Certificate: Business Practice  L 1
  • Certificate in Generic Management Level 5
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management L 5
  • Diploma in Project Management L5

We are based in Randburg, South Africa and offer classroom based learning from our two campuses and online learning via Pocket Classrooms.