Accreditation For Universities In South Africa Only

This is only really applicable and of relevance if you wish to get an accreditation to proceed on to a South African university
How governmental schooling accreditation works in South Africa
SAQA (The South African Qualifications Authority) assesses the quality of all qualifications issued by South African companies and organizations. Their website is
They have issued a chart that describes the 10 levels under the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) that covers all qualifications, from school all the way through university.

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A typical National Senior Certificate (grade 12) is the equivalent of an NQF Level 4 certification. In its wisdom, and to keep out the competition, the South African Education Dept. decided to assess the US based GED high school diploma as being lower than the South African National Senior Certificate. They then placed a requirement that stipulated that those wishing to enter university in South Africa had to also take a one year NQFL5 bridging course, meaning those with the foreign GED diploma required an NQFL5 qualification whereas the National Senior Certificate holders only required an NQFL4 qualification.

This then meant that South African matriculants were given preference and this allowed the SA Education Dept. to tell itself that its matric was superior without having to uplift its standards or improve its curriculum. Was that in the students’ interests or their own?

All the while, a student with a GED high school diploma could apply to universities overseas without needing the NQFL5 bridging course, as this was not a requirement abroad, only in South Africa! Amazing.

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Students can complete their SLC (School Leaver Certificate in 10 years), their GED® in 2 extra years (totaling 12 years), and they can complete one of the required NQFL 5 courses simultaneously with their final GED year which still means that the total schooling duration is 12 years, the same as other typical schools using the South African National Senior Certificate. Once they have completed the one year NQFL5 bridging course they then qualify to apply for a university entrance exemption certificate from the Matriculation Exemption Board.